Why we built Litir

Litir was started on the notion of one simple idea: Current financial tools are archaic. We can do better. Powerful AI can enable a new generation of tools that are aligned with the workflows in investment analysis. These new tools can empower investment professionals to make better decisions.

The founders have firsthand experience in finance and consulting from some of the world’s top organizations. They have been in your shoes, be it as a business student, advisor, or investment professional. It is these experiences that drive and define our work.

Litir Logo

What does Litir mean?

The name Litir is honoring our Nordic roots and the ability to help customers evaluate the future. We are inspired by Lýtir, considered a god in Norse mythology, whose name likely comes from the Norse word, hlutr, which means lot, share or foretell, while Lýtir’s followers allegedly were likely fortune-tellers. And that is what it is all about, helping our customers to foretell what the future will look like for companies and industries. And yes, we replaced the ý with an i in Litir (as we think the Nordic languages are already difficult enough as they are).