Use Cases

Our mission is to empower investors, advisors, and corporates to make better investment decisions.


Litir’s mission is simple: to help you provide better value to your clients. With Litir, you have the tools to provide better services to clients in search of acquisition opportunities, trying to sell their business or looking for industry insights.

Angel Investor

As an angel investor, you do not have ample time to build financial models and do benchmarking of your targets. With Litir, you can make better, informed decisions in a short time to ensure you still have the time to offer your valuable advice and oversight into your portfolio and scout for new additions.


You are on an intensive due diligence and need to make an informed analysis of a set of competitors’ financial performance. But you simply do not have the time to manually go through all their financial reports. Enter Litir, who will help you solve challenges like this, and many others, in no time to deliver the utmost value to your clients.

Corporate M&A

Are you looking to acquire new technical capabilities to your organization? Or perhaps you are embarking on a transformative acquisition? Regardless, Litir will be your companion along the way. Whether it is helping you benchmark initial targets or giving you the extra insights into competitors and the industry so you can ask the critical questions required to make the right investment decision.

Family Office

Working in a family office, your prime responsibility is to manage the family’s assets well. At the same time, your tasks and areas of responsibilities are sometimes more fluid, meaning you must be an expert on more things. Litir helps you to be the expert on these matters.

Investment Banking

As an investment banker, time is of the essence. Litir allows you to manage and compare multiple target companies and analyses quickly and seamlessly. This will help you pre-empt the critical questions your clients would have asked in the past. In the end this means one thing: Extra value delivered to your client

Private Equity

Private equity investors manage large quantities of company data and analyses when monitoring existing and potential investments. Litir provides you with an integrated platform to view, analyze, track and share what you and your team need to know to make the best possible investment decision

Venture Capital

The individual venture capitalist is looking at dozens of potential investment cases every day. Time is limited, insights are few, and you do not want to miss out on the next big idea. Litir helps you navigate these challenges, whether it is to scout new targets, benchmark them against relevant peers, or forecast their performance, all in a fraction of the time you normally spend.