Leverage powerful AI and Litir’s intuitive interface for your workflows.

Enriched Data Collection

Quantitative and qualitative data pulled directly into your interface and enriched using AI.

  • Save time across other platforms with seamless data collection
  • Access proprietary enriched data and estimates
  • Work with a wealth of private and public company data
  • Improve your analyses with data that is more complete and higher quality
Dynamic Visualizations and outputs

Make sense of your analysis with real-time visualizations or export to your preferred format.

  • Generate graphs and tables instantly
  • Draft full presentations directly in Litir before sharing or exporting
  • Export outputs in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF – in your own format
  • Improve your version control by sharing dynamic links with your team
Valuation Insights

Complete valuation overview including automated AI-powered peer selection and core valuation methods.

  • Get an instant company valuation in just a few clicks
  • Create peer groups with our AI-powered peer selection
  • Standardize your DCF and LBO models with autopopulated data
  • Automate your models and valuation assumptions with Litir Estimates
Auto-Generated Summaries

Get an instant comprehensive overview of key information and conclusions.

  • Save countless hours of desktop research with AI generated content
  • Gain quick and comprehensive overviews of industries and companies
  • Compose text summaries of all conclusions automatically